Join us for a night of
changing the lives of at-risk youth

Fashion Show
Live Jazz
Art Installations
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Hotel Vancouver,
900 West Georgia

October 20th, 2017
Doors open 7:30pm 

General Admission


VIP Admission


1 individual Ticket plus 1 Drink
Access to VIP Lounge Hor d’oeuvres
Preferred Seating for fashion show

Table VIP Dining


Table of 8 seats includes:
Exclusive Dining Experience at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s
gala Room ” The Roof”
Access to VIP Lounge Hors D’oeuvres
Reserved Seating for the Fashion Show

In support of the women in our community Help Change My City has set aside a certain number of tickets for single mothers and women in need. If you would like to sponsor one of these ladies to attend the Little Black Dress Gala, ‘Sponsor a Woman In Need’ tickets are available for $20. These women will be given their ticket, a donated black dress and shoes for the event.

The LBD Gala is a vibrant, inclusive environment. It welcomes socially minded guests, community influencers, diplomats, emerging leaders, government officials, educators, individuals from all types of professions and companies all in one place to make a difference in the lives of marginalized youth. The evening celebrates the city of Vancouver’s multiculturalism, performing arts, fashion, jazz music and the positive change that is happening in the lives of youth. Join us as we celebrate an evening of fashion, awards, cocktails, wine, auction and artistry. All are welcome.

Our Designers

Designers showing
Autumn season 2017:

Shyan Owtram – Shyanj Couture

Joanne Ricci – Giovanna Ricci Designs

Rachel Toth – Call me sea

Kim Legler

Julie Blaney

Susan Harley

Michelle Beaulieu – MIECHIE

Janine McAughren – Ghren

Carolyn Bruce – Carolyn Bruce Designs

Yuvil Alejandra – Chalett

Andrew G – Piller Heights

Dasha Volokhova

Kelsey – Bikini Empire

Sarah Couture – Couture Therapy

Casey L. – KSLAM Clothing

Bahareh Memarian – House of Bahareh

Cailyn John – Haus of Cailyn John

Connally Mcdougall – Connally Mcdougall Designs

Designers showing
Spring season 2017:

Adam Lin

Andrew Gonzalez – Pillar Heights

Apidi Onyalo

April Peters

Bahareh Memarian – House of Bahareh

Cailyn Dethridge – Haus of Cailyn John

Carolyn Bruce

Charlene Rowley – Faye Tality Couture

Connally McDougall

Dallas Eresman – Matangi

Esther Ashiru – Ash Couture

Faiz Lalani – Enicma Clothing

Jennifer Kappler – de volk & gosche

Joanne Ricci – Giovanna Ricci Designs

Julie Blaney

Kim Legler

Nicole Rose

Rachel Toth – Call Me Sea

Rimpy Sahota

Shay Lhea – Oculto Masks

Shyan Owtram – Shyanj Couture

Siobhan D’Souza – Shiverz Designs

Susan Harley

Tetyana Golota

Vina Guingcangco – Marie Vina Couture

Yasmin Pirani – Marilyn n’ Audrey

Yuvil Alejandro

Designers showed in
Spring and Fall season 2016:

Adella Zeller

Apidi Onyalo

Areile Cazares

Coidlyn Wight (Ashley Parker)

Aza Belle – Azaria Cantada

Caroline Cho

Claire Lu

Connally McDougall

Esther ashiru

Jamaree Eiammanassakul

Jennifer Kappler – de volk & gosche

Giovanna Ricci

Jules Francisco

Julie Blaney

Kate Schreiner – Hetki / a moment

Kimberly Legler

Meghan Buckley

Michelle Larsen

Mishel Bouillet

Nicole Persak

Shay Butowski

Taylor Byrom – jolie hart

Tetyana Golota

Trista Hsu

Vina Guingcangco – Marie Vina Couture

Xiangyu Xie

Yuvil Alejandra
Zong Peng


We are ALWAYS open to showcase your work!

We’re always looking for talented and passionate fashion designers to contribute to the Little Black Dress Gala. By showcasing your collection at The Little Black Dress Gala you are part of the growing number of Vancouver designers who are given to this social cause of encouraging community growth through the development of our future leaders, the youth. In joining us, you are a part of making a tremendous lasting impact in our city.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact:

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Youth Patrons

Thank you Youth Patrons from Help Change My City Alliance and the The Little Black Dress Gala team. You have helped make a difference in the lives of unemployed youth in the city of Vancouver.  

Youth Patrons are individuals and companies that have purchased a 10 pack of tickets for their friends, employees or clients to attend The Little Black Dress Gala. In addition to the 10 tickets, a Youth Patron’s purchase also contributes to the employment of a youth and invites a teacher from the surrounding schools to attend the gala in appreciation for their hard work in educating our young people in the schools in Metro Vancouver.  We want to thank you for your generosity.

If you are interested in being part of the fall Youth Patrons please send us an email titled Youth Patron at  and our team will be glad to help you impact a life of an unemployed youth and an educator who has given to the success of students in our local schools.  

Youth Patrons in
Spring season 2016:

Adrian Brijbassi

Dave Klassen

Hal Mclnerney

Hue Forster

Luigi Bastone

Matt Henry

Redcliffe & Company

Roger Philips

The Pulse Network

Youth Patrons in
Spring Season 2017:

Designer Search International Ltd

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