The Little Black Dress Gala is an elegant intersection of philanthropy, the arts, education, fashion, and support for the underprivileged youth that have the potential to shape our beautiful city. Wear your little black dress (or suit!) for the cause and join us for a glamorous evening of jazz, ballet, opera and giving back. The Gala showcases established artists, designers and musicians, while providing young and budding local talent the opportunity to show their work. The Gala is further marked by its multicultural inclusivity and sincere celebration of the diverse beauty of the Metro Vancouver community. Youth and women are the primary focus of the Little Black Dress Gala, with proceeds going to support Help Change My City. HCMC provides mentorship to troubled and underprivileged youth in the Vancouver community, helps them find employment, and gives post-secondary bursaries to those youth who have overcome challenging circumstances and want to go on to higher education. The Gala also gifts tickets and little black dresses to several women in need from local shelters and/or women’s centres, to encourage them, to show them that they are deeply appreciated and supported by the community in Metro Vancouver.

Many forward thinking, philanthropic companies have taken advantage of our generous corporate sponsorship offers for this event. Sponsoring the Gala contributes to your company’s triple bottom line by fulfilling your commitment to corporate social responsibility, and by offering high visibility (including signage and online brand presence) before, during and after the Gala.

Regardless of your personal or company’s particular philanthropic focus – be it youth, education, the arts, design, women in need, single parents, or relief of poverty – this event is sure to provide your team with an unforgettable evening while fulfilling your altruistic goals.

Just as no closet is complete without a little black dress or a suit, we believe no community is complete without an opportunity to give back. The Little Black Dress Gala has grown beyond our



Help Change My City is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of lasting positive change in the lives of multi-barriered (at risk) or homeless youth within Metro Vancouver.

The organization’s mission is to empower young people through mentorship, character building, and advanced skill training. HCMC is committed to equipping youth with employment skills leading to a better and more sustainable future for themselves. The youth that HCMC serves need compassion, guidance, and mentorship to help develop them into accomplished and contributing adults. Metro Vancouver has an increasing number of youth who face social barriers that inhibit the opportunities available to them. These youth can easily fall victim to said social barriers which at times may lead to loss of self-value or increased potential for incarceration. The number of youth facing these challenges is increasing and the resources available from the current community organizations are strained.

The programs offered at HCMC aim to help youth understand their value and develop meaningful relationships with mentors. Using guidance, mentors help them discover life goals and aspirations that will direct their course to fulfill their life purpose. Mentors work alongside youth collaboratively to help develop them holistically in all the key areas of life. For youth looking for employment we equip them with skills that help them reach their goals of having good work ethic and gainful employment while improving their future, familial ties, and beginning to live out a more positive social impact.

The heart of the organization is to support our youth as friends and family as they begin to stand on their own two feet, overcome life obstacles, and celebrate in their accomplishments. Help Change My City welcomes the support of those willing to stand alongside our vision in supporting our youth together.

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