Bahareh Memarian is a fashion designer based in Vancouver.She studied architecture at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and got her Building Engineering Certificate from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Realizing it was not the right career path for her, Bahareh decided to do what she had always loved – fashion design. She received her Fashion Design Diploma at The Art Institute of Vancouver, achieving President’s Honour Roll, the Best of Portfolio Show Award and the Most Outstanding collection Award at the Atelier 2016 Fashion Show. Upon graduation, her collection got featured on the New York Fashion Week runway on February 2016. She designs edgy, elegant and flattering yet comfortable, functional and one of a kind pieces. The love she has for animals is a huge part of the inspiration behind her designs. Animals can and do feel and understand everything just as intensely as a human being does and making them suffer for any reason including creating textiles is definitely not ethical. She believes there is no beauty in what that has been achieved if it has caused another pain and misery. Her focus is to create luxurious collections using stunning, highquality 100% cruelty-free, manmade materials including faux fur products, expanding the depth of beauty of this world, rather than taking away from it.