Most of Jan Bautista’s childhood was spent in his hometown – the Philippines. He immigrated in Canada along with his parents at the age of fifteen. He started his interest in fashion at a young age. He would usually be dressed up nicely by his parents before going to school and, at the end of the year, win medals for being well-dressed and well-groomed. Since fashion was such a taboo and understated profession in their country, Bautista recalls sneakily reading fashion magazines under the sheets before bedtime and never mentions the habit to his parents. After moving to Canada, Bautista’s curiosity in fashion as an influencial industry grew stronger. Exposure to distinctive lifestyles in both countries, truly enriched his ability to understand the deeper connection of society from art and design. 

While growing up, Bautista has always been fond of exploring garment constructions. He started learning from reconstructing old garments to create new styles. The process made him realize that his passion lies in the clothing industry – innovative yet authentic fashion. For his graduate thesis, he injected the power of colour and structure by building an authentic well-tailored collection for men – Maison Beau – that represents a different angle of celebrating life to the fullest through clothing.