About me

I’m Ji Ji, a fashion and textile designer from China, I’ve been studying textile design for four years and just graduated from my fashion arts program here in VCC. I like travel and adventure, which gives me lots of inspirations and that’s why I like doing design. Design is my way to share ideas and feelings with other people, and I think fashion should be simple but fun, I like play with all kinds of fibers, yarns and surface design skills to create unique textures and fabrics that you can find in my designs. What you can find in my design is what you can see in myself.

About the collection

The seven looks I’ll show on the gala. Five of them are from my graduation collection, which is inspirited by traveling and feelings when I was in an India city called Jodhpur. This collection is designed for SS17, I used a lot of flowy and sheer fabrics, also I made my own prints, one is about all the emotions you might have when you traveling, the other one is for the peaceful and gorgeous blue city — Jodhpur. Another two looks are from my new FW17 denim collection; it’s for my online brand, in which I used different denim fabrics and fringes.