Shyan Owtram started her journey at a young age by always being fascinated by fashion and the creativity aspect of it. She pursued her education at Kwantlen and even got private classes with a mentor for a couple years to enhance her training and techniques. Over the past few months she went through a traumatic experience of physical, psychological (mental and emotional), verbal, and sexual abuse. As well as many life changing occurrences which also led to a very painful and almost life ending situation. At the age of twenty three she became a mother to a beautiful, healthy baby girl on June 23, 2016 and really changed her way of life. Everything that was falling apart eventually came together which helped shaped the basis of her career and designs. But from all those experiences, she decided to pursuit her dreams and goals and really be a role model for her daughter and others to show that by being strong and believing in yourself  can achieve anything. She’s very kind hearted and is enthusiastic about helping others and making people feel good about themselves. She has a very bubbly personality and is very fashion forward. She also loves dancing and having a good time with good company. She’s now showcasing her collection indulging innocence, which is a big step forward and is only the beginning of her journey.